Exclusive Group Family

Steven Faries - Founder

The Exclusive Group of Companies is Bermuda’s premier rental, event, floral  and home retail company offering clients a variety of options and services when planning their special event or furnishing there home.

We aim to make your dreams a reality. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to provide an innovative service that exceeds our client expectations. We will take the stress out of planning, decorating and managing your event from beginning to end. We also provide a wide array of products for rent along with in- house floral options.

With our added addition of Exclusive Home we aim to provide you with the most up to date home products and a variety of furniture products to make your space feel Exclusive.

Meet the team

Marsha Faries

Executive Director
Hi, my name is Marsha Faries. I started the company since inception. Throughout the ten years, I have worked in all areas of the business, i.e. Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None. Sometimes I go missing for a while but that's okay because my son is my boss and owner of Exclusive.

Davina Ratteray

Event Specialist
Davina Ratteray has been a part of the Exclusive Group of Companies Team for 2 1/2 years. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of the Exclusive Team as she has always had a passion for decorating and home decor. Davina started out in our Home Store but was always open and eager to do to more with the events side of the Company as it allows her to learn more about decorating. She takes pride in our finish products to ensure they always come out beautiful. Equally as important to her is seeing our client's vision become reality and exceeding their expectations.

Juvonne Cann

Trucker/Event Specialist
With years of experience in the entertainment business Juvonne brings high energy, a colorful personality and knowledge to each of his jobs. His great disposition to get things done and his sense of responsibility has made him a very valuable member of our team from the very beginning.

Tisha Emery

Retail Store Supervisor
Tisha is an avid traveler who happens to have a passion for animals and creating things, be it woolen, art or fragrant soaps.